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Been a victim of sky-high medical expenses? Can’t afford your mortgage anymore? There are countless reasons why people just like you need to file for bankruptcy, which can cause a huge amount of stress. The good news is that the process doesn’t need to be cryptic or unaffordable.   
At Lou’s Services, we help people file for bankruptcy online from start to finish – for a fraction of  what your average attorney would charge – so you can focus on bouncing back financially. We care deeply about helping our clients through this difficult time, which is why we won’t take your money and run. We’ll stand in your corner before, during, and after it all, giving you a shoulder to lean on and a source of trust you can count on.  

1: Contact Us.

Fill out a quick online form, send us a message, or call us directly to get the process started.

2: Share Your Report

We’ll need a copy of your credit report for the next step.

3: Pre-Filing Counseling

Pre-bankruptcy credit counseling is a mandatory education course to help you manage your money, debts, and budgeting responsibilities better going forward.

4: Filing

Your documents will be filed and sent to the Bankruptcy Court & Trustee on your behalf.

5: Post-Filing Counseling

Post-filing debtor education can take place online, over the phone, or in person, depending on what you prefer. Before you can get a discharge letter, you’ll need to take this financial management course.

6: Meet with Trustees

In this mandatory meeting, you’ll be asked to share more about your decision to file for bankruptcy, while the trustee reviews your position and unique case.

7: Await Your Discharge Letter

You’ll receive this in the mail to release you from debts covered by your bankruptcy, so keep an eye out.

The fresh start you deserve shouldn’t be complicated or unaffordable. File for bankruptcy online today, starting from just $99. It’s a small price to pay to get the process done ASAP, so you can focus on bouncing back. Choose the top online bankruptcy service for the speedy, stress-free service you deserve.